Current Needs

June 30, 2011
Checked and confirmed - Feb. 5, July 21, 2012, slg

For the ministry:
Prayer partners - email us at seedofhopefarm[AT]gmail[DOT]com if you can pray for us.
Board members - to be part of the discernment and accountability processes,
   from various church bodies and various economic classes.
Website "developers" (or good at hand-constructing websites).
Volunteer laborers, campers, others with time to donate for various things
   like staying overnight, digging, bush-hogging, consulting on floor plans and
   construction techniques, envisioning other aspects to the ministry, being part of the "advisory committee".

And for the house:
Building materials -
   Straw bales - standard small rectangular, tight, uniform, dry
   Plaster - for covering straw bales
   Steel roofing panels - painted white if at all possible, and hardware
   Cement, sand, stone for concrete needs

   Wood-fired boiler, in-house type preferred
   Doors - 36 inches or wider, pre-framed if possible.
   Windows - double-paned, various sizes, including sliding glass window doors or panels

   Dimensional lumber -
   *  2X4, 2X6, 2X8, 2X10 all 8 feet or longer
   *  posts, 8X8 treated - at least 15 feet, 6X6, 4X4 at least 8 feet, some treated
   *  Treated or recycled plastic decking material

   Electrical supplies -
   *  Surface-mounted wiring supplies (Wiremold-type)
   *  Romex - 12/2, 12/3, 14/2, 14/3 all with ground
   *  Other gauges like 10 and 6 for short runs
   *  200 amp service panel, 100 A branch circuit panel, other disconnects
   *  Various receptacles, light switches, lamp fixtures, etc.

   Plumbing supplies -
   *  mostly plastic supply lines, some copper as needed
   *  kitchen and bathroom fixtures
   *  Shallow well electrical water pump, sand point well parts, pressure tank, various related supplies