Seed of Hope Farm: Where we draw our inspiration

This document is under development.

Our faith is based on Jesus' atoning sacrifice on the cross, and on the witness He and His disciples gave as written in the New Testament and through the Holy Spirit working in and through all of us. Please don't read much in the omission of various doctrines in this statement. We just aren't theologians, and haven't responded to any comments about what we need in here (yet).
Some of the people and groups that have influenced us are: Anabaptists like the Hutterites, Mennonites and Amish, Peter Maurin and Dorothy Day of the Catholic Worker Movement , many Christian communal groups including Reba Place, Plow Creek and the group that used to be called the Bruderhof, people from Athens, Ohio both at Ohio University and in the outlying areas, people from Bureau County, Illinois, churches like the People Church and many others, people in the Way of Christ movement (a Cursillo-based faith building movement), and many others not yet mentioned here.

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