Seed of Hope Farm Mission Statement:

Short version:
Seed of Hope is an open-door farm dedicated to providing shelter and teaching people basic life skills and Christian lifestyle, in a friendly faith-based environment.
(Courtesy Helena Marfell)

Long version:
    Our vision is to develop an open door farm, or hospitality farm, similar to the model of Catholic Worker farms begun in the early 1940's through the movement begun by Peter Maurin and Dorothy Day.   An open door farm can serve many needs and fill many purposes, although clearly the most important goal is to share the love of Christ Jesus with those around us. We strive to share what we are blessed to receive, to live simply, to reach out to the poor and needy in our world, and to strive for a life that is in harmony with nature and the environment.
    Currently we have acquired a 36-acre property beside the Hennepin Canal, where, Lord Willing, we will build a home that can shelter many people, including some of us working in this ministry.

    Possible objectives for us are grounded in the vision for a Christ-centered ministry of hope and redemption! We want to share beyond the existing structure of many social agencies by opening our home, sharing family-style life of personal discipline, work, worship, loving relationships, and care and support through daily challenges. This would be a shelter ministry to those who are displaced, victims of abuse or tragedy, or homeless.  It could also work as transitional housing, foster or respite care. By working together in a rural location, we can offer much:

* a Christian ministry center, based on meeting needs through love & faith
* a 24-hour/day shelter for those in need of emergency housing
* transitional housing for longer-term needs
* a retreat farm for individuals or groups
* provide opportunities for volunteers

It is possible for those living on the farm to:

* acquire rural living skills: gardening, animal care, food preservation, etc.
* learn co-operative family, work, and land management skills
* develop personal gifts, skills and talents
* prepare and eat lots of very good food
* experience a life of faith in a natural setting
* experience a life of service, working together with existing churches and social services to meet the needs of our world and its people

    By following the principles of giving--sharing our food and housing without charge, and encouraging all who come to share in the work as they are able--we hope to develop the farm into a place of welcome for all.

    "...And the seed sown on good soil is those who hear the Word, receive it, and with patience bring forth much fruit..." Matt 13:23, Mark 4:20, Luke 8:15