Seed of Hope Farm - Who We Are

    (December 2013)     Steve and Boo Graham, married 31 years, with 7 children & 2 grandchildren, have lived most of our adult lives in intentional Christian communities, or communal churches. Over the years, we've visited close to 30 different church communites and lived in at least 8 communities for a month or longer, most recently at Plow Creek community in Tiskilwa, Il, where we lived for 12 years. We attend at Willow Springs Mennonite Church in Tiskilwa, Il., and are active in the Mennonite/Brethren Way of Christ movement.
    We have felt a lifelong calling to live with and serve other people, a desire to see those in Christian churches working together, and a committment to a rural lifestyle which can minister to those who live elsewhere. Presently, we are living on a rented farm with 2 of our 7 children, as well as chickens & turkeys, dogs and cats.

    There are many others involved with Seed Of Hope Farm.   We hope to get information on them in this space in the near future.

Contact us at: (815) 646-4950 or solarsteve - AT - seedofhopefarm - DOT - org
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