header-A ministry focused on sharing the Love of Jesus with those in need, by providing hospitality in a family setting and
by sharing resources in a rural environment.

People of Seed of Hope Farm

Seed of Hope Farm was started by Boo and Steve Graham. They are joined by their daughter Helena Marfell and her husband, Mike Marfell. Also on the team are Jim and Meg Foxvog, their long-term friends from community together in Ohio and Illinois. Boo, Mike, and Jim are on the board. Warren Searles of HydroTec Systems joined the board in November 2019

Group Picture

Planning group meeting at Marfells' house in May 2018

From left to right: Mike, Helena, Boo, Steve, Jim, Meg
Planning group meeting at Marfells' house in May 2018

Brief Bios

Steve and Boo Graham

Steve and Boo Graham, married in 1982, with 7 children & many grandchildren, have lived most of our adult lives in intentional Christian communities, or communal churches. Over the years, we've visited close to 30 different church communites and lived in at least 8 communities for a month or longer, most recently at Plow Creek community in Tiskilwa, Il, where we lived for 12 years. We attend at Willow Springs Mennonite Church in Tiskilwa, Il., and are active in the Mennonite/Brethren Way of Christ movement. We have felt a lifelong calling to live with and serve other people, a desire to see those in Christian churches working together, and a committment to a rural lifestyle which can minister to those who live elsewhere. Presently, we are living on a rented farm with 2 of our 7 children, as well as chickens & turkeys, dogs and cats.

Boo serves as the president of Seed of Hope Farm.

Helena and Mike Marfell

Helena is Steve and Boo's oldest daughter. They have three children. Mike serves as treasurer of Seed of Hope Farm.

Meg and Jim Foxvog

Meg and Jim married in 1983 and have two sons. They have spent most of their married life in intentional Christian community, including Jubilee Partners, New Covernant Fellowship where they met Steve and Boo, and Plow Creek Fellowship. They currently are members of Willow Springs Mennonite Church in Tiskilwa. Jim and Meg have worked in gardening and farming most of their time together. Jim serves as secretary of Seed of Hope Farm and maintains this website.