header-A ministry focused on sharing the Love of Jesus with those in need, by providing hospitality in a family setting and
by sharing resources in a rural environment.

Services of Seed of Hope Farm

Our primary services are providing hospitality for those with short-term housing needs and providing home-grown food for those who need it. We are not a food bank or any kind of treatment center. If you think we may be able to help you or knows someone who might want our help contact us.

In 2018 alone, our non-profit donated over 800 lbs of fresh produce to the Our Table ministry (a weekly free community meal) and others ministries locally. Our volunteers put in hundreds of hours growing, harvesting and distributing these delicious and healthful, fresh fruits and veggies to our community; many were also used in the creation of wonderful family meals, which we shared with the guests who are here at Seed of Hope Farm. In 2018 we provided about 368 days of shelter for guests.

If you would like to help us in this mission, great! Please see our help page.

Other Related Services