header-A ministry focused on sharing the Love of Jesus with those in need, by providing hospitality in a family setting and by sharing resources in a rural environment.

News from Seed of Hope Farm

March 28, 2019Greenhouse ends are closed and more progress.
March 22, 2019Doors are up and we are starting to use the unfinished greenhouse.
March 19, 2019Plastic is now up on the south side of the greenhouse.
March 15, 2019We were given a large load of food from the Galesburg group, Defenders of Freedom, to pass on.
March 14, 2019The greenhouse work looks more like a structure. More greenhouse pictures.
February 21, 2019Greenhouse work continues. I posted some greenhouse pictures.
February 2, 2019

Started work laying out the new greenhouse. Greenhouse layout
January 2019We received a grant from The Closet for a small greenhouse so we can
produce more vegetables to give away.
We ordered our seeds for the 2019 season and Steve designed a greenhouse to start them in.
November 2, 2018  Warren Searles joined the Board
July 18, 2018Tax exempt status 501(c)(3) approved.
June 2018We are now officially incorporated in the State of Illinois.
May 1, 2018 After letting the gardens rest last year, we are busy clearing weeds,
cleaning up trash left by a former guest, and planting! So far we have 350' of potatoes,
and 3 rows of millet in the ground! A new start ......
April 12, 2018Finally---enough warmth to start planting again! We have lots of spare seeds,
if anyone needs some!
Jan - July 2018We continue to investigate property to be the long term home of Seed of Hope Farm