Welcome to the Seed Of Hope Farm website.

We are located south of Princeton, Illinois, east of Tiskilwa and west of Bureau Junction in Bureau County, Illinois at 10144 2160 E St., Princeton, IL, U.S.A.

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Recent News:
November 13, 2012 - The County Board met this evening, and after some discussion decided to reject our petition for a Conditional Use Permit. Steve was unable to speak due to a misunderstanding about when the meeting began, so we arrived too late for Steve's part in the meeting. We are disappointed, but when God closes a door he almost always opens another. We will be looking for that other door. We want to thank everyone who supported us, in prayer and in deed, in the attempt to get the Conditional Use Permit. We still covet your prayers.

November 5, 2012 - The Zoning and ESDA Committee met tonight and voted by vocal majority to send the request for the Conditional Use Permit to the County Board without recommendation. Some testimony was given, but no new testimony from what was given at the Zoning Board of Appeals Committee.

October 3, 2012 - After all the testimony was heard, the Board of Appeals voted 4 to 1 to recommend the application for the Conditional Use Permit. Praise the Lord. However, the neighbors are still fighting the application.

See the full timeline Here. (Updated as of November 13th, 2012.)

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Upcoming items: Nothing at the moment.  See this link for information on the next farm meeting.   Please call 815-646-4950 for more information, any suggestions or proposals

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Current Needs

If you want to contact us, call 815-646-4950. Also check out our Facebook page - Seed of Hope Farm, such as it is!
If you can pray for this fledgling ministry, please contact us for details of our needs.   If you can donate things we need, we would be very thankful.   We have much to do and small amounts of time and money with which to make it happen. We have about 5 loaves and 2 fishes to give, so we will see how many are fed through the Lord's math!
Thank you!