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Seed of Hope Farm was born out of the desire to see Jesus' Love carried out in serving the needs of the disadvantaged in the Bureau, Putnam and Marshall County area of Illinois. We hope to encourage an atmosphere of openness, forgiveness and trust among everyone staying at the farm, while we model Jesus' love to each other through supportive fellowship and sustaining work.
People Helped
Praise be to Jesus!
Many things have influenced us all over the years, from scripture, to camp experiences, to communal living arrangements.
Read about some of what has inspired us. here.
By the end of 2017 we have housed __ people for a total of XXXX days.  Some had substance abuse problems, some health problems, and some were just out of prison.  Read some of their stories.
See our building specifications here,
and our floor plans here (Ha,ha).
A perspective drawing of the proposed house is here.
News!!!   Full timeline here.
Recent News:
November 13, 2012 -
The County Board met this evening, and after some discussion decided to reject our petition for a Conditional Use Permit. Steve was unable to speak due to a misunderstanding about when the meeting began, so we arrived too late for Steve's part in the meeting. We are disappointed, but when God closes a door he almost always opens another. We will be looking for that summer dress other door. We want to thank everyone who supported us, in prayer and in deed, in the attempt to get the Conditional Use Permit. We still covet your prayers.

See the timeline of events HERE. (See the bottom of the file)

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